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 Book One-  Ameena Rodriguez born and raised in Brooklyn, had the life most people dreamt about. She knew what the street had to offer and wanted more, so she decided to use her education to get out of New York. Ameena, going against her life plan, allowed Brian street tactics to show her a different way of life. Soon, what she knew as love, turned into lies and betrayal. Considered naive, Ameena transformed into a hostile and treacherous individual who is out to revenge more than just a broken heart.


Book Two- After losing so much so fast, Ameena started putting pieces of her crumbled life back together.  Not knowing that those pieces would be what started it all.  She focused her time and energy on making things right.  Once again, friends became enemies and an unexpected enemy became a friend, at least she thought.  With all that has happened in the past, she would have never thought that she would allow Secrets Lies and Deceit to overpower her life again.  

Secrets Lies & Deceit Ebook

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