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To death do us part they say!  That nigga gonna make death do us part sooner than he know it if he keep fucking with me.  How much of his bullshit he think I'm about to take .  I'm two seconds from Angela Bassett "Waiting to Exhale" get your shit and get out while all his shit is going up in flames.  Yooooo if it wasn't for this wine and this killer ass joint I'm smoking to calm me down, that orange jumpsuit would be my overnight pajama set, well at least until my sister come and bail my ass out.  Fuck that nigga.  I'ma chill.  I'm not gonna let him take my livilihood from me.  the bugged out shit about relationships is that mad bitches be going through the same shit.  Fuck it!  I mind as well tell all out business.  It makes no sense for others to go through the same shit.  Maybe if they knew better they'll do better!

Almost Single

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